3 Things to consider when buying online

I recently needed to purchase a storage cabinet for all of the toys my kids use in the playroom/living room. I didn’t need anything fancy and figured I would just head to Amazon, pick out a cabinet and buy it. But I found a site I hadn’t found before called doesn’t have as much stuff, but it had free shipping and a 15% discount for first time orders. Their merchandise was the same price as Amazon, so in the end I saved $23.

Here are a few things to do before making a purchase.

1. Comparison Shop
Don’t spend years finding the item on every site under the sun.
Do spend a bit of time looking at 3-5 sites where the item could be cheaper.

2. Check Promotions
Make sure to see if there are any coupons, promo codes, cash back offers or one time promotions for the site you are using. I saved 15% this way.

3. Weigh the benefit of cash back or promotions versus gift cards.
Even though I often have amazon gift cards, it is sometimes better to spend the money for the promotion or cash back. I’ll inevitably use the gift cards later.

Do you comparison shop? Or do you choose time over money? How do you keep it balanced?

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