Earth Day Mini Challenge

Happy Earth Day!

One of the things that I have tried to focus on as a California resident is saving water.  We are in the middle of a dangerous drought and I often wonder, “why do I need to use clean water to flush my toilet?”  So I do 2 things to save a little water.

1.  I don’t always flush after potty sessions. Let’s face it, if you are well hydrated it looks like water anyway. Let it go once a day, especially if you are at home. 7 flushes saved this week!

2. I put a bucket in my shower to collect bath/ shower water.  This bucket can be poured directly into the toilet bowl. I can get at least 1 flush per day, more if my kid takes a bath or there are multiple people showering. At least 7 flushes saved this week!

A large majority of our world neighbors struggle to find any clean water. Let’s do our part to save what we have every day!  And maybe the money we save can be used to help others.

Have fun saving and living simply!


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