Freebie Fail

My recent post on expensive freebies got me thinking about all of the times I have either 1. paid money for something free or 2. failed to take advantage of an easy free offer.  Then I thought, “hey, I could blog about those”.  So here is today’s Freebie Fail.

The Fail: When I signed up for grocery delivery the other day, Safeway emailed me promo codes for free water (a 24 pack) and free paper towels (a Viva 6 pack).  The catch was they had to be used within 24 hours on a delivery order.  Unfortunately, I neglected to check my email before I placed my delivery order.  When I tried to change my order there was no opportunity to add an additional promo code.

The Fix: If you ever sign up for a service, check your email before you utilize it.  Many places will send you a time sensitive promo for signing up.  I missed out on about $10 in free, useful product.  Bummer for me but lesson learned for next time.

Any Freebie Fails out there? Let me know.

Have fun saving and living simply!


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