The Tuesday Tackle (Update)

Update: I read a few articles about using tension rods to create division and space in a larger cabinet.  I tried it out and it seems to be working.  I created a top shelf and four lower divisions.  The best part is that a divider would have cost about $20 – $30 (I could have tried to find one at a thrift store, but no luck yet) and this cost me $8.  Even better, I was able to put the Pyrex pans in the cabinet which left an additional space in my pantry.  WooHoo!  Original post and pictures below.


There are a few small things that I’ve been wanting to get done at the house. Unfortunately, small things take forever with a toddler and a baby.  But I’ve been trying to take 15 minutes or so during nap time to work on these tasks.  No job is too small for The Tuesday Tackle!

Today’s tackle is the upper cabinet in my kitchen.  I never know what to do with cutting boards and cookie sheets and I’m not entirely thrilled with the result, but hey, it’s a start.

Here it is before.  I pretty much had things fall on me every time I opened the cabinet.


And the after.  No more things have fallen on my head.  I used a few napkin holders to organize my cutting boards, but it isn’t entirely successful.


Any suggestions for organizing these things?  This is the only cabinet space I have for these particular items.  Let us know.

Have fun saving and living simply!



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